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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Chapter 16 - Another Prisoner

What do you mean Jonathan's not locked up in solitary confinement?  So the idiot's too stupid to have figured out an escape plan, and then he's too boring to have gotten himself properly locked up?  What the hell kind of story is this?  One of those "good guy gets unfairly imprisoned, the court reconvenes, and then everyone goes home happily ever after"?  I mean, shit, he's not even trying to save the girl or his army buddies.  I mean, if I was the author, I'd have this protagonist shot.  And I don't mean in the leg.

Chapter 15 - To the Dungeon

What?  You thought we'd get through this whole story without putting Jonathan in a dungeon?  Hah - likely story.  Seriously - have you ever read a story about dragons that didn't have a dungeon in it somewhere?  Preferably one with rats and cobwebs and other nasty critters?

Let's see if our dungeon measures up to the horrors of the Dark-Because-a-Dragon-Burned-Out-Your Eyeballs Ages...

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