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30 Chapters in 30 Days

Wouldn't it be nice if you could read a novel and actually decide what happens next?  If you could actually vote on whether or not the good guys win?  And the story actually changed based on your input?

Now you can.

30 Chapters in 30 Days
As I write this story for National Novel Writing Month, I'd like you to tell me what happens next.  Should our hero get eaten by dragons?  Or maybe the dragons get eaten by cannibals?  Or maybe the damsel should be the real hero of the story, as she parachutes in off the back of a magical tornado to lead an army of rabbits, squirrels, and malevolent termites...

This year's project, "Dragons vs Machine Guns," takes place in a magical universe just next door.  In this wondrous land of mystique, our myths of dragons and vampires are based on fact.  Despotic kings do battle with valiant knights while the villagers are eaten by were-gerbils.

Help Make This Imaginary World a Better Place
Yes, these are dark times for the people of this unnamed kingdom...but you can change that  First, help us Pick a Name for this Middling-Earth Disaster Zone.  Then, help our Lovely Characters as they journey onward in their quest to fight the dragons, combat oppression, and prevent discrimination against kittens.  Do they trust the woman with bulletproof skin?  Should they kill the talking badger?  And how does one politely turn down a helping of roast unicorn?

Are you ready for this?  To actively vote on the fate of millions of fictional creatures?  Of course you are!  So sign up for the Dragons vs Machine Guns Facebook Group to get the latest from the unnamed land!  And then vote as if your life depended on it!

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