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The Story Thus Far

Our hero is Jonathan Mitchell, an Arabic linguist doing a tour in Iraq.  One minute he's patrolling in some village with his unit, and the next he's being chased down by big hungry fire-breathing lizards that fly.  And then he discovers worse news: he's stranded somewhere that looks like Earth, but clearly isn't.  And the only person he can trust is Suha Taneen, the Iraqi girl who's stranded there with him.  But she doesn't speak English, and Jonathan's Arabic was never that good.  And it seems that she knows a bit more than she's letting on...

Armed only with their wits and a machine gun, Jonathan and Suha must overcome dragons, wizards, vampires, and a war between opposing political viewpoints.  Yes: the Faithful Lords of the Dragon Kingdom have finally declared war on the Godless Capitalists.  It's magic versus alchemy on a global scale - villages burn, kings are overturned, and raging mobs of hamsters sprint unchecked through the streets.  (Things are so bad, in fact, that even the Gremlins have declared neutrality.)

Will Jonathan and Suha survive long enough to return home?  Will they defeat the dragons to free a distant kingdom from oppression?  Or will their bones be ground into toothpicks?  You Decide.

November 1st: The Story Begins

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What's the air power in a magical war?

Who wields the magic on a battlefield?

From where do wizards draw their magic?

The Most Evil Form of Government Is: