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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

This Blasted Kingdom Needs a Name!!

Terror and Political Oppression just don't work well in unnamed kingdoms far, far away.  So what should we call this place?  The Land of the Dragon's Left Femur?  The Kingdom of the Sky?  Or maybe the Empire of the Toad's Wart?

Humor aside, a name can reveal a great deal about a place.  Is the name derived from the ethnic identity of the inhabitants?  Or has it instead been passed on through generations as the name assigned by the first great lord to civilize the place?

Once a name has been given, we'll have to consider the political nature of the land.  I'm imagining a kind of middle-ages sort of place, loosely settled by feudal lords and their vassals.  This gives some flexibility with the governance - some villages would have good, fatherly figures as their noble protectors.  And the other villages...let's just say they're not so lucky.

But maybe I'm wrong.  Maybe these people aren't so ignorant as we think.  Maybe some of the locals have been to Earth and back again, and maybe they know a thing or two about Marxism and Free Trade.  What do you think?

Finally, we have the question of countries and capital cities.  Do we have more than one kingdom?  And more than one capital city?  Give a compelling case for a kingdom with a name and a government, and I'll find a way to fit it in.  Whether it's ruled by sympathetic demons or merciless angels, there are surely ways to squeeze it into a war that spans all across this Middling Earth....

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