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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Enter the Dragon of Terror!!

Finally, we have a dragon (the black-winged little demon you'll see to your left...nasty little bugger, isn't he?)

I asked my friends Laura and Israel if they could send me a dragon for the website.  Israel's a painter, and his paintings have some amazing energy - I hoped he might draw something that would devour my readers.  I added a bit of color, but the pencil drawing by itself is terrifying.  Click onward to see the original.

So I asked Israel to draw me something that looked as though it might eat someone.  The pencil drawing Laura scanned in looks as though it's about to climb out of the page to claw out your eyeballs.

I wanted to add a bit of color just to make the dragon stand out a bit more online.  My first attempt turned out all right, but it didn't produce the kind of blood-curdling effect I was looking for.  If anything, the neutral colors suck some of the flesh-rending clarity of the original.  (I blame the purple - I just couldn't find the right color for the central spines.  Maybe the blue-black of the wings would have worked better?  I'm not sure.)

 Let me know what you think of the three versions - if the original would be better than the black-and-red version I've posted on the homepage, I might go ahead and switch them.

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