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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Jonathan Mitchell - The Low Runt on the Totem Pole

He's the hero of our story.  He's tired, thirsty, and covered in dust from spending the past six hours of his life riding in a humvee across the dusty parts of Iraq.  Oh, yeah, and because he's the "new guy," he gets to carry an M-249 - the machine gun.  Twenty-four pounds, eight hundred rounds-per-minute, and it's a real beast to carry around when you've already got forty pounds of ammo, armor, and water to lug on your back.

But does Jonathan complain?  Heck no.  Because he knows that no one would listen.  And he's in Iraq, hunting bad guys he has never seen, fighting a war that he no longer thinks can be won.

Besides, he's about to find out that a belt-fed, air-cooled machine gun isn't much good against fire-breathing reptiles the size cargo planes.  And did I mention they breathe flame?  Yeah - you think it's hot now, just wait till the dragons show up.

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