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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Poll Results: Less Vodoo, More Combat

Okay: the story will be in a parallel universe, "magic" is nothing more than a scientific result of natural laws or artificial technologies, and religious fundamentalists are somewhat more evil than corporate capitalist.  Both of which are more evil than gremlins.  I mean, I've suspected this for years, but I'm glad to now have some statistics to back this up.

Based on the comments, it looks like our lovely characters are not only traveling to a new dimension, but they're also walking into the middle of a war.  We don't know what the war's about just yet, but that's okay.  It's not like it really matters.  As long as there's enough violence for movie rights, it's all good.

If' you'd like more detailed numbers from our survey, please check below.  And definitely fill in our new surveys to the left.  Vote for the kind of war you'd like to read about.  Or post additional suggestions below.  (and I would never recommend this for an actual election, but you should totally use your friends to swing the vote.  Like, if there are too many people advocating for a "noble ground war," you can totally get enough of your friends together to make sure that the dragons and monsters seize the day.  Because, seriously, who wants to read about noble, good-hearted people and their petty wars?  If they were really that noble, they'd never go to war - they'd sit around drinking tea and commenting on Jane Austen...)

Poll Results:
 Where should the story take place?

They've been transported to a magical kingdom far, far away.
  17 (23%)

They're in a parallel universe that's similar to our own.
  36 (50%)

In the deserts of Iraq/Kurdistan - it just looks like Jonathan's in a strange place.
  22 (30%)

The whole thing's a dream. Jonathan will later wake up with a concussion.
  7 (9%)

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Votes so far: 71


The Most Evil Form of Government Is:
Unregulated Democracy
  10 (10%)

Fundamentalist Religious State
  65 (67%)

Corporate Capitalism
  35 (36%)

  6 (6%)

  23 (23%)

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Votes so far: 96
Days left to vote: 6


From where do wizards draw their magic?
Strong emotions like Love and Rage
  9 (15%)

Thermodynamic Conservation of Quantum Energy
  27 (45%)

Sacrificial Kittens
  10 (16%)

There is no magic, only cool technology that looks like magic!
  29 (48%)

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Votes so far: 60
Days left to vote: 6

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From where do wizards draw their magic?

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