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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Jill Nakamoto - Badass Assassin Chick from the Future

Jill Nakamoto is a hard-core killer.  Her flesh is a bullet-proof composite of carbon nanotubes and Kevlar.  Her muscles have been augmented with tita-thread drive wires.  Her bones have been individually drilled out and reinforced with high-density carbon fiber. 

Her nails have been genetically altered to carry a permanent polish with a diamond-hard edge.  And her eyes - oh, those deep, dark Asian eyes - they're glass.  Shatter-resistant, lubricated with the oily substance now produced by dear Jill's tear glands, and filled with tiny little lenses that allow her and automatic 10x optical zoom whenever she feels like it.

Oh, and did I mention how much it hurts to have ones eyes and bone marrow removed in order to make space for custom-fitted cyborg parts?  I won't even go into the process for removing the skin and relayering the epidermis with form-fitting Kevlar.  Never mind that she has to report to the "body shop" every so often to get repainted - what, you thought Kevlar naturally comes in the shade of "flesh-toned"?

That's right - don't mess with Jill.  She's a time traveler.  And she's from the future.  And she knows how to jump from one universe to the next.  So don't piss her off.  Not if you want to go home in fewer than eighteen individually wrapped bite-sized pieces, at any rate.

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